Sep 30, 2010

Ohhh The Possibilities....

I am thinking of putting some of my outfits, that i made on the H&M Fashion Studio up for u all to see. For those that don't know what that is, i will explain. So basically, H&M post tons of there clothes up on their site. You can choose between men or women and which model you would like to dress, and you can put outfits together. From shirts, dresses, shorts, skirts, jackets, accessories, shoes and even underwear. There are endless possibilities and they are always updating with the new lines. I have so many outfit combinations, and i think....or hope, that u guys would enjoy them. Here's a link if any of  you would like to try it, it is super addicting!

H&M Fashion Studio

Tori <3

Sep 29, 2010

This isn't me, it's my sister. I picked these outfits for her. She had an interview downtown for a design firm. She decided to go with the green skirt, but we added a blazer to add a little professionalism. I had another that would have looked great, but jeans aren't appropriate for interviews.



Hey guys,

This is my first blog ever, so I hope to get a lot better with my writing as I go along. I plan to do a lot of pictures, not just me. I hope you enjoy it