Nov 26, 2010

My Life

School has been really crazy right now, with all the tests and projects. I can't believe first semester is 3 weeks away from being over. My posting skills has been lacking, i don't have the time to take pictures of myself, and i don't carry my camera around as much as i use to. So, to keep everyone entertained, i am just going to post random things all the time. Sometimes pictures, sometimes random things i find on the internet, so just anything i can think of. Maybe this will get me into a routine.
Be back soon!!

Tori <3

Nov 19, 2010


Red Laptop Bag- $180 
(Fits 13 Inch Macbook)

Black Shoulder Bag- $215

Pink Detailed  Clutch or Wallet- $90

Beige Cross-body Bag- $110

Blue Laptop Case- $110
(Fits 13 inch Macbook)

Men's Duffel Bag- $245

Men's Messenger Bag- $235

I am so excited to do a post on theses bags. They are my new found favourite. The designer is Matt & Nat. The bags are environmentally friendly and vegan. They use 100% vegan leather and have never used an animal bi-product either. The insides are made up of at least 21 recycled bottles. The environment and animal cruelty has become a lot more important to people in the past few years, even the fashionistas. These bags allow you to protect the environment, the animals and still look fabulous.

The beige Cross-body kind of reminds me of the Marc by Marc bag, but with a much friendlier price. All of these bags come in other colors as well, i picked the ones that i like the best. The prices are very reasonable, with the most expensive bag being about $280. They offer AMAZING sales up to 50% off. They also have men's bag (the two on the bottom), wallets, belts and jewelry. I hope they become really really popular.

Tori <3

Nov 16, 2010


It's kind of a crappy picture, but whatever. My right side is curlier than my left, i'll have to go back and fix that. But other than that, i think it looks pretty good.

Tori <3

New Hair Style

I never blog, but when i do, i feel as if i have a billion different post ideas. I have a lot of projects to do so i am going to do the small one today.

Okay, so this is what i want to do with my hair. I already have the bangs, but i suck at curling my hair. It usually comes out this weird zig zag thing, or it falls in like 5 minutes. I am going to try it tonight or tomorrow morning and if it doesn't work, then i'll ask my mom to do it for me. If i get it right, i'll post a picture to show you guys how it turned out.

Tori <3